Blue Oasis Luxury Pool Care                                                               714 325-7665 (POOL) 
About Us
Blue Oasis has been servicing the pool needs of Orange County residents since 2004.  Blue Oasis' foundation is built on values of honesty, reliability, and a dedicated passion to deliver the best possible service.

We may not offer the lowest rates in North Orange County, but please remember, you get what you pay for...  Those with lower rates tend to skimp on service to make up for their low rates.

We have superior service and will keep your pool a shinning clear Blue Oasis all year around for your enjoyment.  Your neighbors will wonder how you keep your pool so perfect.  There is nothing worse than paying for service you are not happy with...

We are second to none.

We are a complete service for all your swimming pool needs.

Service- Weekly maintenance
Repairs- Leaks or failed equipment
Leak Detection- Do you have to add water regularly to maintain the proper water level? Does your water line reseed (lose water)?  It's likely your pool has a leak that can cause erosion problems that can be very expensive.  Catch problems before they cost you a small fortune.
Remodeling- Are tiles falling off into your pool?  Are you tired of outdated design?  We have the best in the industry to bring your pool up to date so you can be proud of your Pool...
Re-plastering-  Is your plaster worn/old/discolored/deteriorating/rust bleeding through?  We are the best in the industry.
Equipment Upgrades-  Is your equipment old/obsolete/not doing the job it should?  It may be time for a simple service or you may want to upgrade to more efficient equipment (pumps/filters/vacuum systems) to help you save considerable monthly maintenance costs.
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